school safety

Good afternoon! This is Dr. Brodzik, Superintendent of schools. 

I want to take a few moments to update you on some of the improvements that the district is making to our school safety and security options. This summer we were able to begin construction on the security vestibule for the entrance of Central Park Elementary school. Central Park now joins Valley Park and the Middle school in having these enhanced security features.  The High School and Penn Beach are scheduled to follow next summer with infrastructure upgrades of their own. 

In addition, new security fencing and a gate have been installed around the center courtyard parking lot at the high school. Those barriers will help deter anyone from having easy access to that area when students are present during the school day.  The gate and the parking lot will be opened to the community after school hours for extracurricular activities and events.

Finally, in addition to all the other safety and security training that takes place during the course of the school year, our staff members will receive additional training on our safety communication system.

As always, if you have any concerns throughout the year about safety related issues please contact the schools and/or the police department immediately. It takes all of us to ensure that Pennsville continues to be a safe, positive and productive school district. 

Thank you