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Pennsville Middle School
4 William Penn Ave
Pennsville, NJ 08070
Phone: 856-540-6200   Fax: 678-2908

School hours: 7:40am - 2:10pm (Students)
7:25am - 2:25pm (Staff)
Early Closing: 12:04pm

Principal Christina Collazo
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Pennsville School District
Donald Palmucci
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Pennsville Middle School
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Pennsville Middle School has a block schedule which consists of 75 minutes of Language Arts and Math daily and 75 minutes of Science and Social studies operating on an “A” and “B” day.  Additionally, all students will have 75 minutes of an elective (STEM, Art, World Languages, or a music class - Orchestra, Choir, Band) and PE/Health operating on an “A” and “B” day.  Daily, students will have a 30 minute lunch with their grade level and will also have a 42 minute EEE period.  Students read silently, and we focus on math and writing skills. For those students who did not sign up for a music ensemble elective, they will have a tri-mester of World Language/Spanish, Art, and STEM.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and it aims to introduce and encourage these growing fields and careers to our students.  It is our school’s hope that the changes in this year’s schedule will improve academic achievement for all of our students and to launch them into successful and fulfilling careers.

New Marking Period/Trimester Dates:

Marking Periods Trimester (WL, STEM, Art)
1st Sept 5 - Nov 7 3rd  Jan 28 - Apr 5 1st Sept 6 - Dec 7
2nd Nov 13- Jan 25 4th Apr 8 - Jun 13 2nd Dec 10 - Mar 14
  3rd Mar 18 - Jun 13


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Parent Intervention and Referral Services
The primary goal of any school is to successfully educate all students. With this in mind, some students still struggle with learning. In an effort to have students succeed, Intervention and Referral Services (“I & RS,” formerly known as “PAC” meetings) are offered to address these struggles; this is in compliance with New Jersey Administrative Code 6A: 16-8.

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