Curriculum & Instruction


The office of curriculum and instruction endeavors to coordinate and strengthen all district instructional programs. The office evaluates and enhances curricula based on student needs, research-based best practice, state standards, district benchmarks, and standardized assessment results.  


On a daily basis I am engaged in research, planning, developing exciting curricular programs and having conversations with various stakeholders to plan our work ahead. I also develop and coordinate professional development for our teachers and staff.


My work results in a consistent, fluid, and focused, P-12 curricula. The integration of academic technology in the classroom is supported by the curriculum and professional development. A multi-faceted  professional development approach has been planned and implemented in Pennsville. Our model offers teachers a variety of personalized professional development opportunities offered via: in and out -of -district workshops, webinars, on-line workshops, summer curriculum writing initiatives, and summer virtual offerings.


My best,


Susan B. Ficke