As we progress through another unprecedented school year, we wanted to share some of the steps that we’ve taken to move the district forward in a positive way for our students and our community.

The district has provided numerous opportunities for students to get extra academic and emotional support.  Through summer programs and after-school programs we are striving to  address some of the learning loss that took place as a result of the effects of the pandemic.  Those programs and resources will continue to be offered throughout this year, the summer of 2022 and the 2022-2023 school year.  In addition to those efforts, we’ve got dynamic classroom instruction, a rich selection of elective courses at the secondary level, clubs for almost all age groups and a wide variety of extracurricular experiences.  We want our kids to be able to experience everything that they are interested in and capable of!

In terms of changes and upgrades outside of the classroom, the introduction of this new social media platform, Apptegy, provides parents with all sorts of new options to get information about the schools that are personalized to their choices.  We’re excited about the possibilities that Apptegy brings to the district!

Besides improving our communication capabilities, we’ve also been busy upgrading the facilities and safety of the school district.  The steam pipe that provides heat for the high school was about 70 years old and desperately in need of replacement.  Central Park received a new roof and we’ve started installing security vestibules in each of our schools with the first two construction projects underway this Fall.  Also, as I shared with you previously, we’re trying to provide classroom air conditioning in all of our elementary schools.  This allows for better learning conditions and less disruption of the school day schedule for students, staff and parents.  We are currently on track to meet that goal by the time the weather warms up in the Spring of 2022!

We’ll keep you updated, and, of course, the Board of Education and all of our staff remain committed to providing the best educational experience possible for the students of Pennsville.

Keith Chambers, BOE President

Dr. Michael Brodzik, Superintendent